7 Towel Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom

towel racks for small bathrooms sale

I’ve been looking for different ideas on different towel storage ideas for small bathrooms and found these great, simple and inexpensive diy projects that are so smart.

They not only offer storage, but they are stylish and unique.  I can grab an idea and give it my own twist.

Decorative Rope Ladder for Hanging Towels
Decorative rope ladder for towel storage adds to the bathroom decor. Great for small spaces and storage limitations

What a unique way to decorate your bathroom all the while you can hang towels. It’s so wonderful to find something different. The challenge was to find a decorative rope ladder! I found this stunning one and then I found a whole bunch of inexpensive ones here.


Inexpensive Wall Mounted Towel Race that Looks Good

Simple wall mounted towel rack for small spaces

This decorative wall mounted towel rack does the job. Its at a great price point, looks good and holds a number of towels. It’s also easy to install which is an added bonus.
You can find it on sale here.


Unique Idea – Old Chair for Towel Storage

Use an old chair for towel storage in the bathroom!

Who would have thought of this…using an old chair as towel storage. So think of any old wooden chair that will fit your bathroom decor and you’ve got yourself some extra storage!


Awesome towel storage for small spaces with this wall mounted spine shelf.

Wall Mounted Spine Shelp Towel Storage

I love the clean look of storing towels on this shelving unit.

It took me a long time to find one of these. They are called “spine shelves”.

You have to really read the reviews as there are small ones (cheap) that won’t hold anything. So you will have to spend a little more to find one that will hold your towels and lotions. This is one that I have found so far.

Hat Box Towel Storage

Paint hat boxes to create towel storage in a bathroom

Love the idea of using hat boxes as towel storage. The trick is to find hat boxes that are at least 10 t 12 inches deep.


3 Towel Racks on the Back of the Door

Inexpensive towel bars on the back of the door are a great way to save space in a small bathroom. Love how they stack three to get more towel storage!

This is a brilliant idea for those tight on space and tight on a budget.  Simply install three towel racks (one above the other) on the back of the door.  This keeps towels off the floor, hanging over the shower or sink and keeps the place tidy.  The way that they are installed you don’t even see the screws.  You have choices for towel bars under $25 to fancier brushed nickel or oil brushed bronze .

>Then I found this one that is adhesive mount – so no screws!


Rustic Ladder Towel Storage

Rustic ladder for towel storage in small bathrooms. Looks fantastic and is functional too!

I love the look of rustic or reclaimed ladders for in the bathroom.  They add both charm and warmth while having all of the storage be streamlined on the wall. You can store lots of clean towels at the top and have the hand towels that you are using down at the lower levels.  This would be very easy to mount. I found a selection of these ladders on sale at over here.




How to Roll a Towel

I found this video very interesting and informative.  If you are going to be rolling your towels for storage, take a moment to watch so that your towels are rolled (and stay rolled) perfectly!


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