Authentic Handmade Colombian Wayuu Mochila Bags

Sale on Columbian Wayuu Bags

Columbian Wayuu Mochila Bags are all the Rage!

Sale on Columbian Wayuu BagsAuthentic Columbian Wayuu Mochila Bags are  a real fashion statement.  They are hand made in Columbia and are absolutely beautiful.

You can choose a color theme or go with multi-colors.

There are many than what is on this site to choose from, so click on one of the pictures to take to you a whole lot more!



Wayuu Bag Dark TanWayuu Bag Dark TanCheck PriceWayuu Bag SandWayuu Bag SandCheck PriceWayuu Brown Stripe BagWayuu Brown Stripe BagCheck PriceBrown Black Wayuu BagBrown Black Wayuu BagCheck PriceRed Plain Wayuu BagRed Plain Wayuu BagCheck PriceRed-Chestnut Plain Wayuu BagRed-Chestnut Plain Wayuu BagCheck PriceYellow Plain Wayuu BagYellow Plain Wayuu BagCheck PriceOrange Tote Wayuu BagOrange Tote Wayuu BagCheck PriceMulticolor Wayuu Tote BagMulticolor Wayuu Tote BagCheck PriceGreen Wayuu Tote BagGreen Wayuu Tote BagCheck Price

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