Best Back Brace for Men who Need Lumbar Support – Reviews of XXL 3XL 4XL 5XL for Big and Tall

reviews of the best back brace for men for lumbar support

If you are suffering from back problems, your health care practitioner may recommend a back brace. There may be specific medical conditions why a back brace is a good idea. In this article we will take a look at some of those conditions.


Why is your lower back so prone to injury?

The lower back is subject to injury while lifting a heavy object, twisting, or a sudden movement—any of which can cause muscles or ligaments to stretch or develop microscopic tears. Over time, poor posture or repetitive stress can also lease to muscle strain or other soft tissue problems.

And while a muscle strain sounds simple, in the lower back the pain from a simple strain can be severe.(Spine Health)


Bad Posture and Back Pain

Bad posture is one of the most common factors behind back pain. Most Americans suffer from debilitating back pain because of bad posture and back injury as a result of using poor body mechanics. In addition to back pain, poor posture can jeopardize your overall health in a number of ways.

While the best ways to correct poor posture is through increased awareness of your position and postural exercises, if you are suffering from pain related to a bad posture, using a brace may be beneficial. It can help a lot to reduce your pain by controlling your body to keep your head up straight, your shoulders back and your back in alignment. It helps you to maintain an upright position and prevents you from unhealthy slouching.

Maintaining proper body position has a number of advantages. The blood that is going to your organs is no longer constricted by incorrect posturing. This will help to improve your blood perfusion, especially to your brain and heart. With the increased blood flow, headaches and back pain may disappear. Your blood pressure may also decrease. You will speed up your healing and can even improve your overall health condition.

Back Braces for Men – XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL

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Recovering From Back Surgery

A back brace is advantageous for people who recently had a back surgery. It can aid in decreasing symptoms associated with back surgery like minor back spasms and pain. It also helps by giving the back a stabilized support, protecting the surgical correction.

If you just had a back surgery, a supporting brace is not only effective in stabilizing your back, it can hold your entire upper torso in a straight line. You should have less post-surgical pain and less chance of experiencing a spinal misalignment that can be common after a back surgery.

People who had major injuries requiring surgery are advised to wear a sturdy type of brace after the surgery. This kind of back brace starts from under the arms and extends down to the sacral area or tailbone. An extended neck brace can also be beneficial in providing maximum support for someone with a broken neck.

There is also a foam-like back brace that is intended for people who suffered minor back injuries. They are also required to wear this type of back brace post-surgery. The sturdiness of the brace is determined by the condition for which it is prescribed.

Seattle Times

Stacy Lewis admits going nearly two years without a win on the LPGA Tour has been frustrating, especially being so close so many times, but you don’t have to worry about her mindset.

Lewis, who has had two stints as the world’s top-ranked player, has endured a much tougher struggle than this, overcoming years of wearing a back brace as a kid followed by major surgery before college.(Seattle Times)

Get Advice from the Experts

If you are considering a back brace for your back problems, look to the experts for recommendations. Never apply a generic-type brace in an attempt to self-treat. You may end up with more pain and damage than you started with.

Seek the advice of your doctor and inquire about a referral to a spine clinic. If a back brace is recommended, you will be referred to an orthotist. Orthotists are licensed professionals who custom-design back braces for each individual situation. It is important to seek for their advice before purchasing a back brace.

If you are suffering from one of the conditions listed above, you should consider the reasons why a back brace is a good idea for you. It may seem uncomfortable and even painful at first but once you wear it for a while, your pain should lessen and you will adjust to the brace.

A back brace may not necessarily be this season’s fashion, but the benefits that you can get from wearing it can make it all worth-while. Article Source