Best Free Standing Broom Closet Cabinet for the Kitchen or Garage

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Looking for a free standing broom closet cabinet for your kitchen or perhaps the garage?

Here are some top rated broom cabinets that have great customer reviews.

Affordable too!

Keep your place neat and tidy and get those ugly brooms and mops out of site!

Oak Broom Closet Cabinet

free standing broom closet



Sauder Summer Home Pantry, Carolina Oak Finish

This unit has three adjustable shelves that you can use (or not).

Many people like to have a shelf on the bottom so that they can tuck cleaning things on the floor of the closet and have a shelf sitting right above.

And other shelf at the top for various items.

Made in the United States.

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Tall Portable Broom and Mop Closet for the Kitchen or Pantry

Portable kitchen and pantry broom closets
Adjustable shelves for a broom closet

The above Kendall portable broom closet has adjustable shelves so that you can turn it into a broom and mop closet (with cleaning supplies, garbage bags stored on top) and when you no longer need it as a broom closet you can change the shelving to turn it into store of any kind.

Read the customer reviews on Amazon here.

Free Standing Broom Closets and Cabinets for the Home

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Americana Pantry Storage Cabinet, White FinishAmericana Pantry Storage Cabinet, White FinishCheck PriceSystemBuild KendallSystemBuild KendallCheck PriceSauder Summer Home PantrySauder Summer Home PantryCheck PriceElite Broom ClosetElite Broom ClosetCheck PriceClosetMaid Pantry CabinetClosetMaid Pantry CabinetCheck Price

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Broom Cabinets for Small Spaces

free standing broom closet

ABOVE:  Elite 16″ Broom Closet

2 adjustable shelves
16″ deep (not the standard 12″)
no fixed center shelf enables storage of brooms and other tall items
Dimensions: 16″W x 65″H x 16″D
Assembly Required

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Wall Mounted Broom and Mop Holder

Wall Mounted Broom and Mop Holder - Easy Way to Keep Your Broom Closet Organized!Wall Mounted Broom and Mop Holder – Easy Way to Keep Your Broom Closet Organized!Check Online Price



Tips for organizing your broom closet:

Purge and get rid of cleaning supplies that you don’t want.

Try to keep things off of the floor – and what I mean by that is get broom and mop hooks and “hang” them on the back wall or the door.  This way when you open the door, they won’t be falling out ready to attack you!

Buy a small caddy for your squirt bottles and cleaners.

Use heavy duty hooks to hang your vacuum hose.

Hang your dustpan and brush on a hook.

Keep rags and towels folded on a shelf within easy reach.

Oh… I guess the bucket can sit on the floor  :)

Great tip to keep garbage bags easy to grab and out of the boxes…


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