best lime green bread bin reviews best lime green bread bin reviews

I absolutely love lime green and have uncovered some of the best lime green bread bins (or breadbox depending on where you live) for your kitchen. Some are more sturdier than others and will last longer (and look classier) on your countertop. Newer ones are made of metal, but other good ones are made of…

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best colbalt blue kitchen accessories best colbalt blue kitchen accessories

I find cobalt blue to be a wonderful color and have put together a collection of cobalt blue kitchen accessories to share. There are cobalt blue steak knives, salt & pepper shakers, bowls, toasters, as well as tea towels, trivets and glass items.  There are also cobalt blue kitchenaid mixers! I also found a few…

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Best Green Toasters 2014 Best Green Toasters 2014

Here is my collection of the best green toasters for 2014.  Reviews and ratings can be found when clicking though on the picture. The toasters here include green and lime green toasters, toaster ovens, kettle and toaster sets and more. Remember, just click on text that says “click here for pricing, ratings and reviews”  …

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