Rustic Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

best rustic kitchen decor ideas

Rustic kitchen decor ideas are fun to search for and great when you find something that you just have to have!

We done a lot of searching and found some pretty great things for your kitchen.  Little things to give you the “added touch”.

Have fun looking and feel free to Pin so that you can save it for later.

Retro Vintage Eggs Signs and Baskets

fresh eggs retro vintage signs sale
To see a large selection of retro vintage egg signs, click here.

Spiraling Metal Egg DispenserSpiraling Metal Egg DispenserGet Info & ReviewsAntique Style Wire Egg BasketAntique Style Wire Egg BasketGet Info & ReviewsGiant Egg BasketGiant Egg BasketGet Info & Reviews


Metal Tin Organizer with Handle

Metal Four Tin Organizer with Handles

ABOVE: Metal Four Tin Organizer with Handles

Rustic Wall Mounted Spice Rack

rustic kitchen decor ideas

ABOVE:  Rustic Wall Mounted Spice Rack

The wood that makes up this storage rack features a slightly distressed finish that will bring a touch of country-style charm your home, and you can lace decorative objects on this wall mounted shelf or keep it strictly functional with kitchen items. Click here to read reviews.

Rustic Cast Iron Door Stops

These door stoppers are adorable AND functional.

Because they are deavy duty cast iron they will hold your door open without fail.  Select your critter!

cast iron rustic door stop sale

Cast Iron Mouse \ Rustic Door StopCast Iron Mouse \ Rustic Door StopGet Info & ReviewsCat Scratching Door StopperCat Scratching Door StopperGet Info & ReviewsSquirrel Cast Iron DoorstopSquirrel Cast Iron DoorstopGet Info & ReviewsWeight Cast IronDoor StopWeight Cast IronDoor StopGet Info & ReviewsVintage Cast Iron Mouse Door StopVintage Cast Iron Mouse Door StopGet Info & ReviewsRabbit Cast Iron Door Stop WedgeRabbit Cast Iron Door Stop WedgeGet Info & Reviews


Rustic Melamine Dinnerware Set

rustic kitchen decor ideas

How awesome is this dinnerware set?  Being melamine, it won’t break.  The colors and style is fabulous.  You can buy it here.

Pine Tree Metal Wall Decor Set

These pine trees look amazing on the wall beside the back door!

This set of 4 lightweight pine trees are metal and have LOTS of great reviews.  They add a great element to the rustic charm of the home.  They come with a metal hook on the back for easy hanging so you can put them whereever you want.

Rusty Tin Metal Coffee Pot

ABOVE: Vintage Metal Coffee Posts – more selection

Funky Rustic Faucet Designs

Square Wood Napkin Holder with Metal BarSquare Wood Napkin Holder with Metal BarGet Info & ReviewsSquare Wood Utensil HolderSquare Wood Utensil HolderGet Info & ReviewsMetal Faucet Design Paper Towel HolderMetal Faucet Design Paper Towel HolderGet Info & ReviewsWater Faucet Soap HolderWater Faucet Soap HolderGet Info & ReviewsWater Faucet Towel BarWater Faucet Towel BarGet Info & ReviewsWater Spouts Soap Pump SetWater Spouts Soap Pump SetGet Info & ReviewsCountry Rustic Faucet Iron & Wood 3 Coat HooksCountry Rustic Faucet Iron & Wood 3 Coat HooksGet Info & ReviewsMini Mason Jar Night LightMini Mason Jar Night LightGet Info & Reviews


Vintage Milk Bottles and Carriers

Small Vintage Milk Bottles with CarrierSmall Vintage Milk Bottles with CarrierGet Info & ReviewsLarge Vintage Milk Bottles with CarrierLarge Vintage Milk Bottles with CarrierGet Info & Reviews



Rustic Decor Ceiling Fan with Lights

You are probably wondering what the heck a ceiling fan is doing in with kitchen decor, well let me tell ya… I have a large kitchen and family room and I want the theme to look the same throughout.  So this ceiling fan is perfect in the family room!

best rustic decor sale

This is the perfect ceiling fan for those who are looking for the ultimate in rustic decor.  Quality with style.  Barnwood on one side and dark walnut on the other (reversible).This fan brings together a variety of styles such as farmhouse, rustic, and industrial in a unique arrangement that fits with a wide range of décor. The mason-jar-inspired glass around exposed bulbs will liven up the room, while the distressed finishes give this fan a classic weathered appearance. The clear, incandescent bulbs and 52-inch blade span provide the right amount of lighting and air movement for standard and large rooms. Read customer reviews here.


Cast Iron Deer Antler Wall Hook

This cast iron deer antler wall hook is great for coats, keys, towels, purses, umbrellas or anything that you want to hang.  You can place it at the front door, in the kitchen or in the bathroom depending on where you need it.  Works great for rustic decor or wildlife decor.  Very sturdy.   Click here for color options.

Rustic décor brings a home one step closer to nature. Sure, one step may not seem like a lot, but if you are living in a bustling city, that one step can seem like a mile. If your world is full of cell phones, fax machines, SUVs, computers, and other technology that “makes the world a better place,” coming home to a house full of rustic décor can be a relief.Old Rustic Window Barnwood Frames - Not For PicturesOld Rustic Window Barnwood Frames – Not For PicturesGet Info & ReviewsThere is no home décor quite as simple and comforting as rustic décor. Rustic furniture gives a home a homespun look that other furniture just cannot match. Many people might think that rustic furniture belongs solely in a cabin or a lodge, but what better place to have rustic furniture than in the city? It is in the city that you most need some sort of outlet to nature, even if the only outlet you have is the rustic décor of your home.MyGift Rustic Wood Wall Mounted Organizer Shelves w/ 2 Hooks, 2-Tier Storage Rack, BrownGet Info & ReviewsYou can tell when you have come across a good piece of country furniture if it looks like it has been worn by many years of love, but is still standing strong. On an old, genuine piece of country furniture, every ding and every dent tells a story – “this is where little Bobby bumped is bike… this is from when we tried to move the table through that tiny doorway.”

Even brand new pieces of rustic wood furniture seem to have a long history behind them… they are made to look as such. The same cannot be said of contemporary furniture. In fact, contemporary furniture has a completely different feel that comes with it – most contemporary furniture seems to have the future in mind, rather than history and the past. Also, it is generally made up of hard, cold, bold, straight lines.

Rustic furniture, on the other hand, is made up of warm, smooth, jagged, meandering lines. In fact, if you buy a piece of rustic wood furniture, like log furniture, you never know exactly what the lines of that piece are going to look like – every piece is different. Every piece has its own character. Get Info & ReviewsA piece of pine furniture, for instance, may still have knots and “deformities” in it that make it look completely different from any other piece of pine furniture. Log furniture make have checking (cracking that occurs as the wood dries), knots, bark, and other details. Your rustic bedroom furniture may not all be completely even – your dresser top may not be completely square, etc. Instead, the natural wobbles and interesting lines of the wood are used to define where a tabletop should begin and end. And to better show off these interesting lines and beautiful wood grain, much rustic furniture is coated in a clear finish.

Rustic decor looks great in a cabin, but remember that rustic decor might be the perfect sort of decor for your city home, as well.

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