Sencor Toaster Review – 2 Slice Toasters – Model STS

sencor 2 slice toaster reviews

Sencor Toaster Review and Buying Guide

Sencor knows how to make the kitchen look beautiful with their pastel colors of small appliances.  One of the most popular products on the market is their 2 slice toasters and for good reason.  Not only do these toaster look amazing stilling on your counter, but they also have great features included!

sencor 2 slice toaster reviews

Key Features of the Sencor Toasters

Warming Feature

Have you ever put in your bread to toast, dashed about to do something and completely missed hearing your toast pop?   Then when you go back to the kitchen, there is a cold piece of toast waiting for you in the toaster.  You then have two options:  re-toast it and it becomes really dark (burnt) or you throw it away and start again.

Well, with this Sencor toaster, you can switch the dial to warming and it will warm up your toast without toasting it or darkening it at all!  Amazing stufff.


Automatic Centering of the Toastsencor toaster reviews pastel small appliances

This may sound silly, but this is a great feauture.  Each compartment will automatically center the toast or pastry in the toaster.  So you can have a thin slice in one side and a thick slice in the other side and they will be toasted evenly!


Thawing – Defrosting Feature

If you have ever tried to thaw pastries or bread in the microwave, you know how guey they come out.  So now you have an answer to the problem of frozen breads.  Use the Thaw feature with this toaster and you will have a wonderful result.



I guess I should have started with the basic feature of toasting bread!!   Oops. This little toaster has six levels of toasting.  1 being the lightest and 6 being the darkest – so there will be something for everyone.


Sencor Toaster have just been released on Amazon.  You can see them on this page (click here).

sencor mint green toaster


Pastries & Waffles

If your family is like ours, we use our toaster for more than putting a slice of bread in and toasting it.  We stick in Lego’s, warm up home made waffles and pancakes as well as other pastries.  This toaster accommodates all those things so well – mostly because of the “centering” feature.  Love it.

High Lift Function

Have ever had a piece of toast that is too small to pop up?  So you almost burn your fingers trying to get it out, or worse yet – grab a knife and try to stab it to pull it out of the toaster?  Well this toaster has a high lift feature on the control lever which makes it easier to take out small bread products :)

sencor 2 slice toaster reviews
Sencor Toaster Colors

sencor toaster reviews

Pastel Yellow

Pastel Pink

Dark Pink

Pastel Blue – Baby Blue

Pastel Green – Mint Green 

Pastel Lime Green

Lime Green




Where to Buy


Home Depot



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