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Best Bluetooth speaker light bulbs

Best Colored Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers

We have found a collection of bluetooth light bulb speakers that will fit any budget. From the low cost to the high end – but we made sure that they all have high customer reviews. What are your needs? Do you only need one or do you want a collection of 8 that can play together.

These awesome and inexpensive bluetooth light bulb speakers are great for any occasion. Simply screw in the speaker light bulb into any light bulb socket then control the sound with your smart phone or device. Great for entertaining. Also good for a child’s bedroom lamp.

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It was in 1994 that Bluetooth technology was first conceived as a wireless alternative to cables which are known to have lots of problems. Indeed, these cables impede transmissions of communication data before. Among the earliest and most popular applications in which Bluetooth was used was the wireless communication and control between a hands-free headset and a cellphone.

Nowadays, there are already a couple of new applications wherein such technology can be used effectively and efficiently. Among these new innovations is the Bluetooth LED light bulb. And these days, there are already a lot of different versions of such kind of bulb. It will allow homeowners to control it with the use of your smartphone. You must know that it has different color hues. Certainly, you can make your home technologically smart, appealing and comfortable.

New Innovations Today

These days, there are already such kinds of bulbs that will allow you to listen to your favorite tunes in any area of your home where you have them installed. You can indeed stream your music to the LED light bulbs straight from your device. You must be reminded that the light bulbs come with a Bluetooth device so you do not have to alter your current smartphone just to control its music features and lighting. If you want to use your phone to control it, you have to download a certain application from reliable online sources.


There are also kinds of light bulbs that when you turn them on, your home will certainly be flooded with all your all-time favorite tunes. Indeed, you do not need to purchase a sound system or speakers, or perhaps turn on your gadgets just to hear your favorite songs. Due to the fact that such device will make use of LED technology, it is indeed considered a highly cost-efficient lighting option. Also, you can actually save a lot on your energy bills because you do not have to turn on your TV, computer, sound system, and the like just to listen to music.

However, be reminded though that apart from being a modern sound system, these LED light bulbs are lighting fixture as well. With that said, you will have a well-lit room wherever you install such light bulbs. You must be mindful that you actually have 64 million colors to choose from – the color you choose will greatly depend on your requirement and mood.