Adorable Felt Swedish Christmas Gnomes for the Holiday Season

Adorable Felt Christmasa Swedish Gnomes Tomte

Check out these adorable felt Swedish Christmas gnomes to decorate your home with this holiday season!

Great for any home – you can keep them up all year if you like!

Felt Swedish Christmas gnomes

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Handmade felt Swedish Christmas gnome

Handmade Swedish TomteHandmade Swedish TomteSwedish Santa GnomeSwedish Santa GnomeHandmade Christmas GnomeHandmade Christmas Gnome

Christmas Eve Unwrapping

Handmade Swedish Tomte GnomeHandmade Swedish Tomte GnomeIs there anything harder in this world, for both the child and the parent, than trying to get a kid to be patient and wait till Christmas morning to open all of the beautifully enticing presents with their names written in glitter? Your little ones have been great all year right? Of course they have! So why not reward them for their good, or at least decent behavior by letting them unwrap one gift on Christmas Eve?

This is a time honored tradition in my family and a favorite of all the children. I remember as a kid seeing, shaking and generally inspecting all of my presents for weeks just trying to get a sense of what might be beneath that illusive wrapping paper. I know, I’ve had such a hard life, right? But for a kid patience can feel a lot like torture. I however, unlike all of my friends was spared that longest night of waiting and pretending to sleep that we call Christmas Eve.Handmade Swedish TomteHandmade Swedish Tomte

Every year on Christmas Eve just as my siblings and I were about to die of anxiety, my parents would gather us around our shining Christmas tree and let us pick one present, any present, that we wanted to open early. It was an amazing family moment and now that I have my own kids, I have come to love this tradition even more. The look on their faces as they get that long awaited treat is priceless.

Not only is this a good way to get your kids off your back about their presents (we both know they’ve already started begging by now), it also an excellent way to ensure that they wont still be awake well past midnight and into the wee hours of the morning. Also, you might actually get to sleep past sunrise on Christmas morning if your child has a shiny new toy all of their own to occupy their time and keep their impatience at bay. Everyone wins!

Just like any tradition, it’s not necessarily the act its self that matters, but rather the comfort and security of knowing that no matter what has changed in the past year, some things will remain the same. I hope you enjoy this tradition, from my family to yours.