Best Baitcasting Reel Under $50

Best Baitcasting reels uner $50

Every year there fishing reels get redesigned, become more affordable and are easier to use. What I have done is look for the best baitcasting reel under 50 dollars and which have positive customer reviews. Many baitcasting reels contain anti-backlash devices including magnets that make life easier for the beginner.

Baitcasting reels under $40

Abu Garcia BMAX3 Max Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel

A value-priced Abu Garcia reel, the new, compact Black Max features a smooth-retrieve, 4+1 bearing system with enough built-in durability to withstand the rigors of hardcore fishing.

A lightweight graphite frame and body weigh out at a mere 7.9 ounces, while the compact bent handle and star provide an ergonomic feel during retrieves.

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Baitcasting Reels under $50
KastKing Baitcasting Reel

KastKing Royale Legend-Whitemax Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Low profile bait caster with a super silent high speed 7.0:1 line retrieve.
Cut brass gear structure and carbon fiber drag system with17.5 LBs of drag
MaxiDur corrosion resistant ball bearings for super smooth casting, retrieve, and long life.
The new Royal legend bait caster has state of the art dual brakes with a quick, easy to fine-tune reliable centrifugal and magnetic brake system for superior casting control.


Setting up and Casting Baitcasting Reels

Learning to cast a baitcasting reel is an art that has to be practiced with the help of tutorials and video lessons, regularly in order to attain perfection.

Lessons immediately begin with learning how to spool a line into the reel correctly. This usually involves passing the line through the rod’s eyes, down to the levelwind, and tying a knot at the end of the spool, thereby attaching the line to the reel.
Though some people argue that beginners should spool their baitcasting reels with a heavier line, to facilitate the learning process, others believe it’s best to stick with the line that’s recommended by the manual of your baitcasting reel.

After attaching the line, wind some of the line into the pool, while ensuring that the lines are placed in an orderly manner, to ensure a safe and easy casting. Next, attach heavier bait at the end of the line.

Bearing in mind that the baitcasting device has been correctly set up, the first cast can now be made. Use your thumb to press the release button, and then use your entire arm to swing the bait forward into the sea.

The reel points should be held upwards to the sky while the casting is being done, in order to attain better results and prevent backlashes. Keep on pressing the release button with the thumb until the bait lands. Finally, apply pressure on the reels to stop it from spinning.

Reasons for Choosing Baitcasting reels over Spinning Reels

Choosing between using a baitcasting reel or a spinning reel is very important. Baitcasting gear provides for heavier line, which definitely provides longer casts than spinning gear, which have smaller and narrower spools that cannot easily be compatible with larger lines.

Baitcast reels also have more backbone that provides the angler with enough space for a firm grasp on the rod, and a better and more powerful hook-set, contrary to spinning reels. Nonetheless, baitcasting gear doesn’t match up with braided lines, which are the new lines’ in the markets that are thin and heavier. This is because they are designed for lines with bigger diameters, and would result to numerous backlashes if they are used together.