Beautiful Pastel Blue Kitchen Appliances that Everyone will Love

Every chef, whether it’s a home baker or a professional one, loves to be the proud new owner of the latest kitchen appliances. Each year, manufacturers develop faster, easier and better ways to cook meals using technological advances.

Light blue breakfast station
Breakfast Station

You can get many small kitchen appliances for a baker that you know, regardless of what their specialty is. But there are four specific small appliances that almost any baker would love to own.

The first is a mixer. Most bakers already own a mixer of some sort, but they’ll love an update model of their favorite brand, or perhaps a different style of mixer. With mixers, there are hand mixers (the old fashioned, yet still highly popular style) and stand mixers (which provide an unparalleled convenience).


If you’re shopping for a professional baker, then look at the professional mixers. These are sturdier and more durable – meant to last a lifetime with heavy use. A non-professional stand mixer can still create an endless supply of meals, but it won’t be as large and bulky – perfect for home space.

Hand mixers have different speeds and features on them. You’ll find a wide array of colors you can buy them in to match any kitchen décor. Some of them even include elements like a retractable cord to prevent tangles and clutter.

Light blue hand mixer - pastel blue
Light Blue Hand Mixer

A blender is another great gift for a baker that you know. Just as mixers have different styles, so do blenders. The baker in your house might have a countertop blender, but not yet own a hand blender (often known as an immersion blender).

Or what about a food processor for your favorite chef? Food processors come in handy during the prep stage of creating a meal, but it also helps take ingredient from the preparation stage to completion, depending on what you’re making.

To buy a food processor for the baker you know, you first need to find out if they already own one – and if so, what style. There are wide mouth processors, feed tube styles, and even mini processors.

Whenever you invest in a food processor, take into consideration what kinds of things the baker might be using it for. Some simply chop and grate fruits and vegetables and cheese, while others can do heavy duty tasks like making dough.

Speaking of dough, what about a bread machine for the best baker you know? The scent of bread baking filling a house is something that pleases everyone. Bread machines take a lot of the hard work out of the equation. You can find programmable models and ones that hold various sizes of dough, so choose accordingly to give the best Christmas gift any baker would be proud to own.