Best Big and Tall Swim Shirts for Men 3xl and 4xl Reviews of Swimming Shirts

Best UV Water Shirts Loose Fit for Men 2xl 3xl 4xl 5xl

These swim shirts are designed for the big and heavy guy who wants UV protection and fast drying comfortable shirts for the summer.

Choice of colors and styles in 3xl and 4xl swimming shirts.

3XL Swim Shirts for Men

Here are a few different brands of the shirts for the 3xl guy.

Short sleeve or sleeveless water shirts that can be worn everyday.

Kanu Surf Men's Big Extended-SizeKanu Surf Men’s Big Extended-SizeCheck Size and ColorsHarbor Bay DXL Big and TallHarbor Bay DXL Big and TallCheck Size and ColorsH2O Sport Tech Swim ShirtH2O Sport Tech Swim ShirtCheck Size and ColorsAqua Design Men Loose FitAqua Design Men Loose FitCheck Size and ColorsO'Neill men's 24/7 sun teeO’Neill men’s 24/7 sun teeCheck Size and ColorsLoose Fit Swim Shirts For MenLoose Fit Swim Shirts For MenCheck Size and ColorsO'Neill men's 24/7 Tech SleevelessO’Neill men’s 24/7 Tech SleevelessCheck Size and Colors

Sun protection products can be very expensive to buy but, when you consider the consequences of not wearing any sun protection, the cost is relatively cheap. As it is becoming more and more fashionable to have a glowing healthy tan, many people throughout the world are discovering to their cost that being fashionable could be detrimental to their health and even fatal.

Skin cancer is on the increase in the western world and more and more effort is being made to educate people in the use of sun protection. There has been news coverage recently about the statistics and horror stories of skin cancer in the young.

4xl Swim Shirts for Men


H2O Sport Tech Swim ShirtH2O Sport Tech Swim ShirtCheck Size and ColorsH2O Sport Tech Swim Shirt -H2O Sport Tech Swim Shirt –Check Size and ColorsHarbor Bay DXL Big and TallHarbor Bay DXL Big and TallCheck Size and ColorsKingSize KS Island Men's Big & TalKingSize KS Island Men’s Big & TalCheck Size and ColorsSun Emporium Plus Size RashSun Emporium Plus Size RashCheck Size and ColorsUV Skinz Mens Long SleevUV Skinz Mens Long SleevCheck Size and ColorsHarbor Bay by DXL Big and TallHarbor Bay by DXL Big and TallCheck Size and ColorsAqua Design Men Loose FitAqua Design Men Loose FitCheck Size and Colors

Though many common cancer rates continue to fall, skin cancer rates are on the rise. When seeking both comfort and the best protection possible from the sun, are swim shirts or sunscreen the best solution?

From the simple freedom of movement standpoint, sunscreen comes closest to acting as a second skin. There are no clothing-drag issues while in the water, and no layers to trap heat or restrain movement while on land. It is possible to forget there is any substance on the skin.

From a coverage standpoint, sunscreen also wins out over the shirts. Given a thorough application, lotion can cover hands, fingers, and extend beneath clothes with a seamless barrier. Shirts leave hands permanently exposed and can inadvertently allow exposure around the waste.

The health and safety of the actual product is an important consideration. Commercial sunscreens contain toxins that can irritate skin and affect hormone production, placing children at particular risk. While most swim shirts are treated for UV protection, they do not expose the skin to potentially dangerous chemicals.

Though somewhat obvious, swim shirts do not wash off. Many sunscreens claim to be water resistant, but the durability of shirts is guaranteed. With children, lack of a shirt is easily identified while the presence of lotion can be undetectable.

While hot days and athletic activity can make a shirt uncomfortable to wear, cool days and cool water make the extra layer a welcome insulator. The material dries very quickly, so the chilling affect of evaporation is brief. These shirts can actually be worn throughout the day.

Moisturizers and vitamins can be added to sunscreen and provide a benefit to skin in addition to the barrier to the sun’s rays. These include ingredients to help heal skin that has already been sun damaged. Skin lotions can certainly be applied under a shirt, but this involves an extra step and expense.

Given that sunscreen is designed to be applied “liberally” to skin surfaces, individuals and families can go through bottles rapidly. Swim shirts do not require a re-fill and can last months or even years with proper care. The need for a last minute trip to the store is thus eliminated.

UV-treated swim shirts are a safer and more reliable bet for sun protection. In turn, sunscreen can cover hard to reach areas like a true second skin and provide skin care at the same time. A combination of the two with slight overlap can provide a fast and effective solution with the smallest chance for gaps in coverage.