Best Clamp On Keyboard Tray for the Desk

Best Clamp on Keyboard Trays - no screws required

Here are the best clamp on keyboard tray for under your desk at work or at home.

best clamp on keyboard tray - no tools required
Clamp on Keyboard Tray

New screws needed to attache these trays to your desk – quick and easy installation.

With the huge rise in carpel tunnel sufferers, I bet you would like to correctly setup your keyboard so your working experience is comfortable and efficient? Many people have come up with solutions and improved designs for office products resulting in steno chairs, back & foot rests and adjustable monitors. But the stress that radiates from hands that type regularly is not to be down played.

Usually keyboards lie flat on the table or on the keyboard tray but it is for the most part ‘flat’. This flat placement of keyboards end up being uncomfortable for hands and typing becomes painful. In order to address the issue office product designers have come up with a solution that can reduce steno stress drastically and that solution is the keyboard holder.

A typical holder basically has adjustable trays that can be adjusted according to posture or height. As the tray adjusts with the height of the hand, typing becomes more comfortable and less stressful.

But it doesn’t end here, to provide consumers variety and multiple solutions, there are many computer keyboard holders available to purchase. You can choose from simple adjustable trays, sit stand keyboard trays, corner keyboard, clamp and keyboard mouse trays. Each of them will provide you with various health benefits and they can be chosen based on the style of your desk.

no screws under desk keyboard tray
No Tools Required

The trays as mentioned are usually for traditional keyboards but there is also a special solution available for people who are using customized wave type keyboards. These are called ergonomic keyboards that are designed specifically with waves to fit contoured keyboards.

But why should you buy an adjustable tray if you already have a desk? Simply because there are many benefits. Bad typing angles can lead to pain, discomfort, repetitive stress injuries and tensed muscles.

Keeping these conditions in mind the keyboard trays have been developed to adjust angles, height and posture. This way when you are changing your sitting position you can adjust the tray and make it more comfortable for your wrists. Usually the best height of the tray should be at elbow length or lower but you can choose the position to what makes you comfortable.

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Best Clamp on Keyboard Trays - no screws required