Best Cobalt Blue Kitchen Accessories and Decor

Cobalt blue kitchen accessories for your kitchen decor


Cobalt Blue Kitchen Accessories and Decor Items

Cobalt blue glass is a deep blue colored glass prepared by adding cobalt compounds to the molten glass. It is appreciated for its attractive color and is also used as an optical filter in flame tests to filter out the yellow flame caused by the contamination of sodium, and expand the ability to see violet and blue hues, under fluorescent light, the cobalt glass has twice the effect.

Modern day cobalt glass is nearly identical to antique or historical blue glass, so it can be quite difficult to discern true antique cobalt blue from newer glass.

Cobalt Blue Drinking Glasses

There are so many different styles of cobalt blue drinking glasses to choose from!

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Cobalt Blue Tumblers

Cobalt Blue Wine Glasses

Cobalt Blue Highball Glasses

Cobalt blue style glass and glassware can be fun to collect – try to choose pieces of glass with no flaws or minimal flaws. Keep away from glassware that has chips, cracks or other obvious issues as these problems will significantly depreciate the value. Also look for markings on the glass to help identify the maker or age of the glass.

Most of all, have fun collecting the glass and try to display the glass in windows or with a good back lighting. You will receive many years of joy collecting this glass and it is sure to appreciate in value.

Cobolt Blue Wine Glasses

Cobalt Blue Coffee Mugs

Cobalt Blue Dish Towels

If you choose ones that are decorative while being useful you add a whole new dimension to the room.

Here you could pick colors that match your kitchen and have designs or stripes that are specific to the kitchen color of your liking. You could even have plain ones with a fancy border or tassels.

Cobalt Blue Tea Pots

Cobalt Blue Salt and Pepper Shakers

Colbat Blue Trivets

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Cobalt Blue Utensil Holder

Cobalt Blue Bread Box

Cobalt Blue Tea Kettles

Cobalt Blue Silverware Sets

Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles

Cobalt blue kitchen accessories


Love this cobalt blue olive oil dispenser.

Holds an lots amount of oil, vinegar or soy sauce. Removable spout – supports quick filling and easy hand cleaning
Recycled glass – makes for an eco-friendlier and longer lasting bottle dispenser
Dual purpose – can be used as a dispenser for oil and vinegar in the home or restaurant.
Product is painted and baked with lead free paint. Hand-wash only. Not dishwasher safe.


Cobalt Blue Drinking Glasses