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Best Garden Soaker Hose Review

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Gardening has taken on a different face for the past few years. Several companies have introduced new tools and equipment that are designed to help make gardening easier and more fun. In this regard, many tools have also been innovated and this includes your typical garden hose. Before, there only used to be a conventional cylindrical garden hose, now we have new options such as a flat hose and a soaker hose.

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The issues with some of the basic watering equipment on the market is in the amount of water they waste. Just consider lawn sprinklers. A typical lawn sprinkler will waste too much water since the water dispensed is not concentrated on where it should be. Water is also lost through evaporation, overspray, and runoff. This is also true with many of today’s garden hoses.

To resolve this, something had to be innovated and introduced; enter the soaker hose. The soaker hose allows you to save your time since you do not have to go hand watering or moving from one place to another. You do not have to take the sprinkler from one area of your garden to another. You also do not have to waste your energy manually spewing water to your plants. This hose also saves money since you will not waste a lot of water whenever you are gardening.

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One thing to be aware of with a soaker hose is that it should also not exceed 100 feet or they will not be effective. Another thing, only use them on fairly level ground because it is designed to be most effective on this lawn type. Water will not equally seep where you want it to, making the possibility of a muddy mess an almost certainty.