Best Kitchen Utensil Crock – Stoneware and Ceramic utensil holder

The kitchen utensil crock is a defining part of kitchen decor, so be sure to select the right one for you. There are a wide variety to choose from, depending upon your taste in materials, color, and function. In addition, as a means of organizing your frequently used tools, the kitchen utensils holder is far superior to throwing it all into a drawer, keeping the things you’re most likely to use right at your fingertips.Aqua Blue Owl Ceramic Cooking Utensil HolderAqua Blue Owl Ceramic Cooking Utensil Holder

A ceramic holder is perhaps the most common choice. Due to the nature of ceramics, these utensil holders are most often cylindrical to some degree, like crocks, large jars, or vase-like designs, with handles or without. While they are often simple in shape, they offer a specific aesthetic that works well in almost any kitchen, such as a white porcelain crock or a simple red jar.


French Kitchen Utensil Holders

French White Ceramic Utensil HolderFrench White Ceramic Utensil HolderCheck Colors & PriceConcrete Utensils CrockConcrete Utensils CrockCheck Colors & PriceFrench Farmhouse Provincial HolderFrench Farmhouse Provincial HolderCheck Colors & PriceFrench Country Utensil HolderFrench Country Utensil HolderCheck Colors & Price

A similar option is the stainless steel holder. These tend to come in their natural color and match with stainless appliances or industrial style kitchens. While there are many shapes available, and stainless is easier to mass-produce in non-cylindrical shapes, the standard utensil holders are still the crocks since they are so convenient. Many caddies are made of stainless as well, though these are more often utilized to hold eating utensils in the dining room than cooking utensils in the kitchen. Regardless of the style, stainless holders are readily found in any department store and do not have the risk of breakage that ceramics do.

Other materials are also used, which can augment the appeal of your kitchen dramatically. Cast iron is a classic choice, and has a timeless look that appeals to authentic Americana or old-fashioned decoration choices. In addition, a square, cast iron utensil holder in its natural black can be a striking addition to a modern white kitchen.

Stunning Stainless Steel Holder

Brass, bronze, copper, and even marble or stone holders are available, each with its own appeal and aesthetic to influence the look of your kitchen. A final consideration has to be that some materials, especially the softer metals such as brass and copper, may not be suitable for holding all tools. While any of them are fine with strictly wooden implements, it is true that metal utensils can scratch these metals, so choose wisely.

Marble Kitchen Utensil Holders

Mason Jar Kitchen Utensil Holders


No matter what your needs from a utensil holder, there is a solution available in a nice design at a reasonable price. So why just throw your spatulas and ladles into a drawer, when you can have them at your fingertips in a holder that makes your kitchen look so much more appealing?