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Knowing water is quickly becoming scarce in certain areas, we all should know some key things about watering our yards and gardens to help us reduce our water consumption. From the above conversation, you now know that your yard may not get all the water it needs from a fast rainfall. How can you tell? Test a patch with a shovel and see how far down the rain penetrated into the earth. If it is less than six to seven inches, then your yard or garden did not get the deep soaking it needs to encourage deep root growth.

Stainless steel garden hose hook
Stainless Steel Hose Hook

Deep root growth is important because the roots are protected from drought and disease. It sounds weird but the deeper the root system the better prepared the tree or plant to make it through a drought situation. It is the ground nearest the surface that takes on more heat and thus breaks down in drought. The same is true with diseases.

The best thing about watering is your yard and garden will let you know when it needs to be watered. If you walk across your yard and you look back 30 minutes later and see where you walked, in other words see your footprints, your yard needs a good soaking. Take a small spade and just turn the dirt in your mature garden and if the dirt four to six inches down is not moist, it is time to water.

A young garden will need a little bit more care then a mature garden sine the roots have not been able to go deep and mature. The ground will need to be moist about two inches deep until the plants become fully established. When watering plants in raised beds, planters and hanging baskets you will need to look around and see what type of environment that plant is in. For example, is the plant in direct sunlight all day in a fast draining hanging basket? If the answer to that question is yes, then your plant will require frequent watering up to twice a day if the weather is really hot.

Plants in traditional containers of any kind always require more water than plants in the earth. However, there are ways to conserve and not waste water when taking care of these plants. You can purchase a water wand that give you control over the spray and amount of water you use for each plant. This way you are not wasting water by spraying it everywhere. You can always use a long necked watering can, which is what I like to do for plants in planters and hanging baskets. I feel it just gives you more control over the amount of water for each.

If you really want to get into conserving water and reusing water there are some great things you can do to capture rainwater and reuse it for the yard and garden. Another great thing we can all do to help the water situation is stop using pesticides and fertilizers on your yard and garden. Learning to use organic means is a must these days with all the cancer links to the chemicals we have been using to have beautiful lawns.