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Here are some of the best made swim shirts for men for the season. You will find that they have introduced a more loose fitting swim tee for those who are not wanting the traditional tighter body fitting tee. There is a huge array of colors and many have the spf upf 50+ built into the shirt.

Sun shirts for Large Men 3xl 4xl 5xl 6xl
O’Neil Sun T Sizes M-6XL

Loose Fit Swim Shirts for Men

If you don’t want to slather your skin with creams or lotions, you may want to look into sun protective clothing. Sun protective clothing is made with fabric that screens out the sun due to its tight weave and/or UV absorbers that are a part of the fabric.

You may wonder why you just can’t wear any old tee shirt, but in fact, lightweight summer clothing lets many of the sun’s rays right through.

Loose fit swim shirts allow you to be comfortable, they dry quickly and they can be worn for everyday use, not just at the beach!

Long Sleeve Sun Protection Shirt for Men

Long Sleeve sun protection shirt for men 3xl
Long Sleeve S-3XL


Swim Shirts for the Large Guy

Sun protective shirts should have long sleeves, and may also contain vents under the arms for cooling. Some products also contain insect repellent for even more outdoor protection.

3xl Swim Shirts

4xl Swim Shirts

5xl Swim Shirts

Sun protection and comfort in the 5xl size.
Amazon has a large selection of 5xl on this page.

6xl Swim Shirts

A sun protective hat should be made of the same tight fabric as other sun-protective clothing. It should cover the ears. It should have a brim that gives your nose shade, and ideally, should have a drape in the back to protect your neck.

Sun protective swimwear features long sleeves and higher necks to protect your skin from the sun while you’re in the water. You can buy an entire swimsuit. You can also buy a special sun protective water shirt.

Sun protective gloves and sun sleeves can also be helpful. Sun sleeves can be a good solution for people who do a lot of driving and want to keep their driver side arm protected.

The bottom line is that there’s a lot of choice for sun protection out there.